Photo Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Ethan Bear Speaks About Being an Inspiration for Indigenous Youth

Over at Sportsnet, Gene Principe spoke to Edmonton Oilers defenceman, Ethan Bear, about National Indigenous Peoples Day and what it means to him to be an inspiration for the youth in his community.

To mark National Indigenous Peoples Day, Sportnet’s Gene Principe spoke to Ethan Bear about his community, upbringing, hockey culture, and inspiring the next generation of Indigenous youth. For a lot of Oilers fans, we already know how good Ethan Bear is on the ice, but I loved this interview because it dove into the important work he’s doing off the ice as well as what it means to him to be an Edmonton Oiler. From inspiring Indigenous youth to pick up the game to furthering the conversation on racism within the hockey community, I love that Bear is using his voice and position to do good things in his community while also focusing on being the best possible player he can be. With that in mind, I wanted to take a few minutes to post the interview on the site to try and get a few more eyeballs on Bear’s story because I can’t help but feel that this kid is wise beyond his years.

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