Real Life Podcast Episode 191 – Tarps off with Brett Kissel

Welcome, fair citizens, to another Thursday episode of the Real Life Podcast. This week, the guys were thrilled to welcome country star, Brett Kissel, to the show to talk about his love for the Oilers, country music, and a whole lot more.

To kick off today’s podcast, we got started with a look at the Edmonton Donair Championship celebration that took place at Famous Donair out in Sherwood Park this afternoon after the boys wrapped up the brackets last week. As always, the Nation came out in droves to support Famous Donair and Jay was thrilled to tell the story of today’s victory party. Thankfully, the podcast turned away from the food talk to welcome country music star, Brett Kissel, to the podcast to talk about the Live at the Drive-In concert he held at the River Cree, which was not only meant to raise money for an amazing cause but also happened to be the first-ever such event to happen in Canada. From there, the conversation steered into Brett’s career and how he fell in love with country music at a young age as he sang classic country songs with this grandfather on the farm in Northeastern Alberta. As he told stories about his passion for music, the boys sat in awe as Brett happily walked them through his formative years and how those early memories of music shaped his career. From the come up to where he’s at now, Brett Kissel’s journey to country music stardom was on full display as he walked the boys through the early wins to now getting ready to tour with Garth Brooks. Changing gears entirely, the guys were pumped to finish off this week’s podcast by talking about the Oilers with a lifetime fan, including what to expect from the Oilers when the playoffs are able to safely get back underway. From hanging out with the boys to being unable to speak when he met Wayne Gretzky, this Brett Kissel interview is one that you’ll definitely want to listen to as soon as possible.

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Listen to today’s podcast below:

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