Photo Credit: Jason Franson/Canadian Press

Ken Holland wants a deep playoff run, not the first overall pick

If Edmonton Oilers general manager Ken Holland has it his way, the Oilers will be winning the Stanley Cup.

This, of course, should be no surprise because every GM wants their team to win the cup, but Holland was specific in saying he has doesn’t have his sights set on the first overall pick the Oilers could maybe win if they lose to Chicago.

In an interview with the Edmonton Sun’s Jim Matheson, Holland said he sees the tournament being wide-open.

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“Anytime you’re playing hockey, you’re playing to win … we want the Edmonton Oilers to be the last team standing, and if not, we want the playoff experience as far as we go. End of the day, only one Play-In loser gets the No. 1 pick, the others are picking later. I look at this tournament as being relatively wide-open. Regular-season ended about four months ago if we start in August. If a Play-In team wins the Stanley Cup, they will have to have won five series, even more difficult than usual but everybody’s dream is to have your name on the Stanley Cup.”

I mean, should we really be surprised? It’s great to see that Holland has his sights set on the top prize. At the very least, whatever comes of the remainder of the Oilers season, it’s going to be a great experience for many of Edmonton’s players. A chance to get playoff-style hockey against a veteran team like the Blackhawks only bodes well for helping grow the many young Oilers players.

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