Hunter vs Gritty on Robot Chicken

I don’t know about you fine folks, but I’ve always loved the stop motion sketch show, Robot Chicken, and when I was made aware of an episode that featured a Hunter vs Gritty battle I got really excited.

Before we get started here, I just want to offer a quick warning to everyone that there is some cartoon violence parodying the movie ‘I, Tonya’ in the clip posted above. If you’ve never seen an episode of Robot Chicken before, the entire show is completely absurd and all around ridiculous so if you were planning on showing this to your kids then you might want to give it a watch first. Cool? Cool.

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For me, I have to admit that I love seeing the Oilers show up in pop culture. Whether it’s Chad Johnson wearing a McDavid jersey, Gretzky on the Simpsons, or now Hunter on Robot Chicken, it’s fun to see the Oilers showing up in different places and to varying audiences that might not be entirely aware of them. I mean, would I have preferred that Hunter wasn’t the victim of a brutal attack by Gritty because he was jealous of his mascoting skills and abs? Of course. Even so, I had a pretty good laugh about seeing our beloved mascot included in one of the shows that I’ve loved for a very long time. At the very least, I hope this brought you a quick laugh.

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Big thanks to Oilers Fan in BC for pointing this clip out. If you guys ever see something that you think might work for the site, don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me through Twitter, Instagram, or email.