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Real Life Episode 193 – 4am Mosh Pit with Chris Segger from Striker

Welcome, fair citizens, to another Thursday episode of the Real Life Podcast. This week, the guys were thrilled to welcome Juno award-winning musician, Chris Segger, to the show to talk about his love for the Oilers, making metal music, and a whole lot more.

To kick off today’s podcast, the boys got started with a look at Edmonton being named as a hub city for the upcoming NHL playoffs and what that means going forward. Now that the City of Champions will be named as an NHL hub, the boys discussed whether or not it was surprising that Edmonton actually got the call after it seemed like player safety was taking a back seat to the what the players wanted to do. With the NHL’s return seeming more and more likely, the boys also discussed what they plan on doing to support the team when this fanless tournament actually gets going. Changing gears entirely, the boys were pumped to welcome Chris Segger from the band, Striker, to talk about his recent Juno win, the celebration that followed, and what’s to come for the band in these uncertain times. From growing up in a music household to rocking the stage in Europe, Chris walked the boys through his journey in music, including his band’s 2020 Juno win for Metal Album of the Year, as well as what he expects from the Oilers if hockey is safely able to return. Needless to say, this interview was endlessly fascinating as it wandered all over the map and one that you’ll want to get in your earholes as quickly as possible.

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Listen to this week’s podcast below:

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