Real Life Podcast Episode 194 – “Are there any hot button topics you need my opinion on?”

Welcome, Nation, to a brand new episode of the Real Life Podcast. This week, the guys looked at old golf stories, Connor McDavid’s house, the return of Big Brother, and a whole lot more.

To kick off this week’s podcast, the boys started with a look at Chalmers’ golf game and whether or not he would be able to compete in a high-end junior tournament. Since he was on his way to knock out 18 holes while the podcast was being recorded, the guys discussed some of their favourite golf moments from years passed. With the walk down memory lane out of the way, the conversation turned to Bryson DeChambeau’s meltdown at the PGA after he was filmed making a bad shot and freaking out about it. Changing gears, the boys discussed whether the Oilers have any kind of advantage seeing as the NHL will be using Edmonton as a hub city. Does the fact that Edmonton would be able to get dressed in their own dressing give them any kind of leg up on the opposition? Sticking with hockey, Tyler asked the boys a hypothetical question regarding shooting pucks into an open net for money and how confident they would be to increase the range if it meant winning more money. Lastly, this week’s episode ended with a look at the return of Big Brother, including some of the rumoured All-Star cast members that are set to return and who did not make the cut.

Listen to this week’s podcast below:

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