Oilersnation Radio Episode 94 – The Ryan Smyth Episode

Welcome, friends, to a brand new episode of Oilersnation Radio. As always, we’re shutting down the week with a fresh podcast to discuss all things Edmonton Oilers and get you set for your weekend.

To kick off this week’s episode, we jumped in with a look at Edmonton Oilers legend, Ryan Smyth. Seeing as this was episode 94 of Oilersnation Radio, I thought it would be fun to ask the boys their favourite Smytty moments and spend a few minutes talking about a guy that bled blue and orange for his entire time in Edmonton. From there, we looked at the NHL playoffs, specifically the play-in rounds, and had a conversation about which series outside of the Oilers/Blackhawks that we’re looking forward to the most. Sticking with the playoffs, we looked at the announcement that came down today that the 50/50 would be available online for Edmonton Oilers games. Seeing as we’re a city that loves the 50/50, we decided to turn this into a Price is Right style game to bet on how these totals are going to get. Could the 50/50 break a million dollars? We also spoke about the news that came out this week which showed which hotels players will be staying at in Edmonton and laughed a little bit about how the Flames and Canucks are at the Sutton while our beloved Oilers get to stay at the JW Marriott.

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Listen to this week’s podcast below:

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