First update on Rogers Place flood damage

As I’m sure everyone knows at this point, Rogers Place suffered some serious flooding last night as a result of a storm that seemingly overwhelmed the building’s drainage system. This morning, the Rogers Place Twitter account offered up the first update on what caused the problem and which parts of the arena were affected.

So where did the damage take place exactly?

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With the Western Conference playoff teams set to arrive in Edmonton in only nine days, you have to think there was some major panic happening at the OEG offices last night when news of the flood broke out. Thankfully, this first update seems to suggest that the water damage was located in only a couple areas of the arena and will be fixed in time for the playoffs.

Now, there’s always the possibility that we’re not getting the whole truth here so it will be interesting to follow along as this story develops, especially considering there’s not a whole lot of time to get everything done before hundreds of NHL players and staff make their way to town.

Game Notes: Hawks @ Oilers, Game 2

On the bright side, TSN’s Tom Gazzola posted a video from the community rink this morning where the Oilers are taking the ice for day four of training camp and everything seems to be business as usual.

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