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Credit where credit is due, the NHL bubbles remain COVID-19 free

It’s time to give some credit where credit is due.

I, much like many other hockey observers, were incredibly concerned about how the NHL was going to navigate its return-to-play. How was it going to be possible to bring over 1,200 people into Edmonton and Toronto and keep everyone healthy amid a global health pandemic that’s never been seen before?

Well, the NHL stuck to their guns and have done a fine job of keeping everyone safe and healthy.

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The league announced Monday that they have conducted over 7,000 tests between July 26th — the days NHL clubs’ 52-person travelling parties arrived in Edmonton and Toronto — and August 1st. Zero tests came back positive for COVID-19.

Given what’s happening with the MLB, where a loose bubble is revealing dozens of positive tests with threats they may shut down their season, it’s time to give credit to the NHL for their tight restrictions that have brought hockey back to people around the world.

It’s nothing short of amazing, but the league is still far from being out of the clear. There’s still months left in the NHL season before the Stanley Cup is awarded and there’s plenty of hurdles the league needs to clear before we can deem this all a success.

But at this point, the league has done a fine job in ensuring everyone is healthy and having hockey back on.

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