Baggedmilk on #theLOCKERROOM: Jesse Puljujarvi’s return and trading for a goalie

Another Oilers-less Wednesday upon us and that meant another chance for your boy to jump on the radio with the guys from The Locker Room to discuss all things Edmonton Oilers and life in general. On this week’s appearance, we looked at Jesse Puljujarvi’s potential return, the salary cap, and what the Oilers might do for a goaltending upgrade.

Kicking things off, we jumped in with a conversation about road trips and which celebrity guest we would bring with us if we had the chance. Being the big brained genius that I am, I went for a classic pick with lots of potential for upside. Back to the Oilers, we looked at the Jesse Puljujarvi saga and how we may actually have an end in sight that would have the former fourth overall pick return to Edmonton after a season+ away. From where this drama started to the potential for Puljujarvi to return to the team that drafted him, you have to give Ken Holland a bunch of credit for being patient enough to rebuild the bridge that had been burned down by the previous regime. Lastly, we looked at the Oilers goaltending situation, specifically if there could be a trade to be made with a team like the Penguins or Golden Knights that have a surplus of quality goaltending. Would it make sense to fish for a veteran like Marc-Andre Fleury, especially after his agent’s deleted tweet from this past week, or should Holland look for a younger option that can grow with the group? The answer is obvious to me.

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Listen to this week’s appearance below:

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