Edmonton Oilers to split cap overages over next two years

The Edmonton Oilers will be splitting their cap overages from last season over the next two years, PuckPedia reported Tuesday.

The Oilers will split their $676K in overages over 2020-21/2021-22 with there being a $338k hit against the cap each season.

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Mike Smith got the largest bonus’ this offseason, according to PuckPedia. He received a $500k bonus for playing 35 games with over 30 minutes plus a pro-rated $250k to $213,415 as the games played was pro-rated from 40.

Gaetan Haas received a $212,500 bonus for being one of the top three Oilers in +/-. Caleb Jones got a $26k bonus for games played, while Bear for a $19k bonus for pro-rated games played.

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