Oilersnation Radio Episode 114 – The Oilers Time Machine

It’s Friday afternoon and that means a brand new episode of Oilersnation Radio has been wrapped up, edited into a masterpiece, and ready to stimulate your ear feelings as you head into the weekend. This week, we looked at Oilers from past eras, the reaction to Connor McDavid’s house, the business of hockey, and more.


Phil Kemp: “I kind of have a sneaky offensive game.”

Phil Kemp’s partner on the US National U-18 team in 2016/2017 was Quinn Hughes. Hughes got all the press, and rightfully so, due to his outstanding skills and skating ability. Hughes is 5’10 and 170 pounds, while the right-shooting Kemp is 6’3′ and 205 pounds. Hughes was the flash, while Kemp was the defensive conscience….


WWYDW(FE): Expanding the NHL playoffs for 2021

When it comes to getting the 2021 NHL season up and running, the league and players are still working to figure out how to divvy up a revenue pie that seems to be shrinking by the day. One solution that I’ve seen pop up a few times over the past week or so has been…