OilersNation Top 25 of 2020: #24 — Oilers showing interest in multiple Maple Leafs forwards

Welcome to the yearly wrap up of the top read articles over the last year!

As the days got closer and closer to the NHL trade deadline, there was lots of smoke around the Edmonton Oilers. After a solid start to the season through the New Year, Edmonton was showing interest in a number of members of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Enter the 24th most read article on OilersNation in 2020.

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Deadline Targets: Oilers apparently have shown interest in Leafs’ Kapanen, Johnsson, and Kerfoot

Penned by Cam Lewis and posted on January 17th as a part of his deadline target series, Cam wrote about how Darren Dreger linked the two organizations on Insider Trading.

Dreger: The Battle of Alberta may drift off the ice as well because the Edmonton Oilers are also looking for a top-six forward. [It was mentioned earlier how the Flames are seeking a top-six right winger.]

I’m not sure about the Flames, but I believe the Edmonton Oilers are going to pay close attention to what happens with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Again, there’s speculation around the likes of [Kasperi] Kapanen, [Andreas] Johnsson, and maybe Alex Kerfoot.

While a trade never formulated between the two surrounding any of these players, it was a hint at what could still maybe sometime possibly happen. The Oilers and Leafs and have been linked for what seems like an eternity on the trade market. Supposed talks have always seemed to surround these teams and more specifically, players like Kapanen, Johnsson and even a guy like William Nylander, to an extent.

Kapanen was dealt to the Pittsburgh Penguins while the playoffs were still going on, and in October, the Leafs shipped Johnsson to the New Jersey Devils.

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Will there ever be an actual trade between the two teams? Who the heck knows.

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