Baggedmilk on #theLOCKERROOM: Hockey is Back… Hopefully

It’s a brisk Wednesday morning in the capital city and that means your boy Baggedmilk jumped on the Cruz FM airwaves with the folks on The Locker Room to make sense of this crazy little thing called life.

Report: NHL season to start Jan. 13 with 56-game season

To kick off this week’s appearance, I weighed in on the topic of the day which focused on how we would describe 2020 in only one word. For me, the is word was “rollercoaster” as there have been so many ups and downs over this past year that it’s almost hard to comprehend. From there, we moved to the NHL’s announcement from yesterday that January 13th will be the day when hockey comes back, and we tried to figure out how the NHL will handle the logistics of making a season happen during a pandemic. We also looked at the World Juniors Championship that will be taking place in Edmonton later this month, and whether or not the current rising rates of COVID will affect the way the tournament plays out. Lastly, we finished up this week’s appearance by looking at NHL rosters and how the league will handle the expanded rosters that will likely be required to avoid delays with players getting sick.

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Listen to this week’s appearance below:

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