Real Life Podcast Episode 238 – Mouseicide update, the NHL’s return, and Scott Hastings from OddsShark

Another Thursday is upon us which means a brand new episode of the Real Life Podcast is here to help you close out the week and get you amped up for the weekend. This week, the guys looked at Wanye’s current mouse situation, talked NHL’s return to play, read another listener survey, and spoke to Scott Hastings from OddsShark to break down the latest news from the world of sports gambling.

To kick off today’s show, the boys got started with a brand new listener survey, which led to a conversation about the daily countdown that we usually do on Instagram and how we can’t wait to get it going again when the NHL firms up a start date. Changing gears, Wanye gave an update to the mouse infestation he’s battling at the Manor, including a call to our friends at Japa Machinery for some advice on how to handle the problem. While he is making some progress in his quest for a mouse-free life, there is still plenty of work left to be done. Somehow the mouse-hunt talk led into a conversation about Jay’s interest in becoming a Tommy Bahama-man as he gracefully ages, and the rest of the guys joined in with their fashion goals as they get older. Back to sports, the guys briefly touched on the NHL’s return that scheduled for next month and how exciting it was to finally see the news that the league will be returning to the ice sooner than later. Lastly, the guys wrapped up today’s podcast by welcoming Scott Hastings from OddsShark to help break down the latest betting trends from the NFL, and the latest news in the world of sports.

Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:

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