Photo Credit: Gene Principe/Instagram

Here’s a first look at the Edmonton Oilers helmet sponsorships

This year the NHL is testing out sponsorships on equipment in order to recoup some lost revenues without fans in the stands.

While leagues in Europe have done this for years, the NHL has largely been against it for sometime. That is, however, until a global pandemic changed everything.

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And Monday, we got a first look at what some sponsorships for the Edmonton Oilers will look like.

Sportsnet’s Gene Principe posted a photo Monday giving a look at the Rogers sponsorship seen on the Oilers helmets. It’s the Rogers logo and nameplate that will be on the sides of the Oilers lids.

They’re rather unintrusive which is what I think most of them will be across the league and honestly, if it brings in some more revenue for teams I’m all for it.

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