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Real Life Podcast Episode 244 – Oilers training camp, jersey ads, and line combinations

Happy New Year, Nation! A brand new week is here which means a fresh episode of the Real Life Podcast is all set and ready to get you back into the swing of things. This week, the guys covered a brand new listener survey, ads on NHL helmets, line combinations, and a whole lot more.

To kick off today’s podcast, the guys got started with a brand new listener profile about Real Life listener, @William_J87, who has been listening to the show since the very beginning. Not only has he been listening for a very long time, but he also appreciates the lineup changes and general shenanigans that take place on a weekly basis. Changing gears, the conversation turned towards the Edmonton Oilers who kicked off their training camp this past week, including a note from Jason Gregor that Connor McDavid somehow looks even faster after a full year of training. Putting the excitement for a new season aside, the guys then looked at the ads that have now made their way onto player helmets and discussed the passionate reactions on either side of the debate. Back to training camp, the guys then spent a few minutes arguing about the line combinations that Dave Tippett put together. Despite the season still being over a week away, everyone agreed that it was just nice to be able to argue about real hockey again after a wait that felt like an eternity. Lastly, the guys wrapped up the Monday podcast with a look at the World Juniors tournament and whether or not Canada has the juice to not only beat Russia today but also to set their sights on another tournament gold.

Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:

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