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NHL announces 27 positive COVID-19 tests through training camp

The National Hockey League says 27 positive COVID-19 tests were returned among players during training camps.

The positive tests came from nine teams, although the majority were due to an outbreak that included 17 players on the Dallas Stars. The players have been largely asymptomatic, the league said, adding they are recovering without complication.

All of the tests were conducted between Dec. 30 and Jan. 11 on a daily basis. The league said a total of 12,000 tests were administered to over 1,200 players.

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This year the league will be providing regular updates on COVID-19 test results and will be including the names of the players. This is a shift in the way the league handled reporting of tests during their 2020 return-to-play.

There, the league opted to not identify players skirting it by deeming players “unfit to play.”

During the summer series’, no players tested positive inside the bubble, but before teams landed in Edmonton and Toronto, a total of 50 positive tests were found.

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