The 2021 Season Launch Tee

Normally, with the start of the hockey season only a day away, we’d be packing swag bags and getting ready for our annual season launch party, but with COVID-19 ruining everyone’s party for the better part of a year now, we’ve had to pivot a little bit while still working to get fired up for a new season. My friends, it’s season launch time.

If you’ve ever been to one of our season launch parties before, you already know that one of the mainstays in the swag bag is a limited edition t-shirt that features our theme for the year — “We Are Back” — with a portion of sales going to a local charity or initiative. Obviously, we’re not allowed to pack The Pint with people this year, a sadness that weighs heavily on my shoulders since I love these launch parties more than anything, but that doesn’t mean that we weren’t going to launch a new shirt with a new theme and a goal of raising money for the community. And seeing as the hospitality industry in the city has been so kind and generous to us over the years, we felt like the only move was to try and give back to help in a time of need.

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So what’s the mission? Pretty simple, really. From the tee description on the NationGear site:

Because we can’t gather together at our Annual Season Launch Event, we decided to offer a Season Launch Tee and an additional $20 GC to a Hospitality Business in YEG and area!

Purchase this Tee for a limited time and receive a $20 Gift Card to a Pub, Restaurant or Hospitality Business of your choice in Edmonton and Area. (They must have a GC Option available)

Tell us which Business you would like a GC from in the special instructions portion of your order.

Let’s get out and help our small businesses and friends during this time!

Back in December, we launched the first edition of the Hospitality Support Tee and because of your amazing support for not only the idea but the hospitality industry as a whole, we knew that we had to keep the drive going and felt like extending the program made perfect sense for the launch of a new season. Just because we can’t get together right now, doesn’t mean that we don’t want to continue our goal of helping where we can. Not to mention, I personally think this is the freshest tee design we’ve ever done be it for a launch party or otherwise, and the fact that $20 from every shirt you order also goes to a local business in the form of buying a gift card from them is a cherry on top that I think we can all get behind.

If you’re able to do it, this tee is our small way of trying to give back to the incredible hospitality industry that has treated us all so well over the years while also coming up with a new design that people can hopefully get excited about. If buying a new shirt doesn’t work for you but you’d still like to help, it would go a long way if you could help us out by sharing this article or link to the shirt on social media as a means of spreading the word. If you’ve made it this far, I just want to say thank you for taking the time to read the article and helping us try to give back. We appreciate you, Nation. Here’s to a wonderful season.

You can pick up the Season Launch Tee here.