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Oilers Prospect Update: Condors swooping into the mix

This week’s prospect update’s poster boy could have just as easily been another week for Dylan Holloway. He has been absolutely tearing it up in the NCAA. I just thought it would be nice to give all you readers and prospective readers a chance to find out that the Condors are back and the update includes two AHL games worth of stats.

A tough start to the season for Bako, as they fell to the Ducks affliate, Gulls in two straight games. Around the rest of the update, Beryozkin, Lavoie, the aforementioned Holloway, and Blumel all had great weeks.

Changes MADE: You will now see the section for the AHL is at the top and will only include players AHL stats. If you want to check back on how they did in Europe, the link next to the European players table will take you back to the update that last had all their stats added.

Have another prospect you want to read about? Scroll on down and thanks for reading!

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Side note for those of you who are reading the update for the first time.
While it’s a prospect update, not all players are specifically prospects in the traditional sense of the word. Some are merely players of which we own the rights to, and some are older players who I think people would like to follow along with.
Updates are current as to the time of publish (if they’re playing in a game when it’s published, I won’t include that)


Name (Active) Pos. GP G A PTS This week’s total
Tyler Benson LW 2
Adam Cracknell R/C 2 2GP 0-0-0
Joseph Gambardella C/L 2 2GP 0-0-0
Seth Griffith C/R 2 1 1 2GP 1-0-1
Cooper Marody C 2 1 1 2GP 1-0-1
Ryan McLeod C 2 2GP 0-0-0
Alan Quine C/W 2 1 1 2GP 0-1-1
Ostap Safin L/R
Theodor Lennstrom LD 2 1 1 2 2GP 1-1-2
Markus Niemelainen LD 2 2GP 0-0-0


Jesse Puljujarvi cleared out of COVID-19 protocols
Name (Active) GP GAA SV% Record This Week’s Results
Olivier Rodrigue 2 4.05 .855 0-2-0 2 Starts, 4-1L w/ 27 saves and 4-3L w/ 20 saves
Players Notes/Articles/Highlights –

EUROPE (Active)

For players who are now in North America, click here to see what they had for stats
Name (Active) Pos. GP G A PTS This week’s total
Maxim Beryozkin – Lokomotiv Yaroslav (KHL (Russia)) W 29 2 2
Loko Yaroslavl (MHL (Russia)) 17 10 11 21 4GP 2-1-3
Matej Blumel РHC Dynamo Pardubice (Czech) RW 40 14 12 26 3GP 1-1-2
Maxim Denezhkin – Buran Voronezh (VHL (Russia))
C 34 7 15 22
Loko Yaroslav (MHL (Russia)) 9 1 4 5 2GP 0-1-1
Lokomotiv Yaroslav  (KHL (Russia)) 1
Raphael Lavoie – Vasby IK (HockeyAllsvenskan (Sweden))
C/R 37 14 12 26 3GP 4-1-5
Jeremias Lindewall – MODO Hockey (HockeyAllsvenskan (Sweden)) LW 33 2 3 5 2GP 0-0-0
MODO Hockey J20 (J20 Nationell) 8 5 4 9
Kirill Maximov – CSKA Moskva (KHL (Russia)) RW 16 2 1 3
Zvezda Moskva (VHL) 21 11 11 22 2GP 0-2-2
Tomas Mazura – HIFK U20 (U20 SM-sarja (Finland)) C 3 1 2 3
Aapeli Rasanen – KalPa (Liiga (Finland)) C 33 6 6 12 3GP 1-0-1
Patrik Siikanen – JYP (Liiga (Finland)) L/C 15 1 1 3GP 0-1-1
Anton Slepyshev – CSKA Moskva (KHL (Russia)) L/R 30 12 13 25
Tyler Tullio – HK 32 Liptovsky Mikulas (Tipos Extraliga (Slovakia)) C/R 19 4 9 13 2GP 0-1-1
Bogdan Yakimov – SKA St. Petersburg (KHL (Russia)) C 6
Filip Berglund – Linkoping HC (SHL (Sweden)) RD 20 1 4 5 3GP 0-0-0
Philip Broberg – Skelleftea AIK (SHL (Sweden)) LD 33 3 8 11 2GP 1-0-1
@Philip Kemp – Vasby IK (HockeyAllsvenskan (Sweden)) RD 20 2 3 5 3GP 0-0-0
Dmitri Samorukov – CSKA Moskva (KHL (Russia)) LD 46 2 6 8


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Name (Active) GP GAA SV% Record This Week’s Results
Ilya Konovalov – Yaroslav Lokomotiv (KHL (Russia)) 15 2.62 .912 6-7-1
Players Notes/Articles/Highlights –

America (NCAA, USHS-Prep, Etc.)

Name (Active) Pos. GP G A PTS This week’s total
Skyler Brind’Amour – Quinnipiac U. (NCAA) C 20 2 5 7 2GP 0-1-1
Filip Engaras – U. of New Hampshire (NCAA) C 16 4 2 6 2GP 1-1-2
Dylan Holloway – U. of Wisconsin (NCAA) C/L 12 7 16 23 2GP 2-5-7
Carter Savoie – U of Denver (NCAA) LW 18 10 5 15 2GP 1-0-1
Matt Cairns – U of Minnesota-Duluth (NCAA) LD 19 5 5 2GP 0-0-0
Michael Kesselring – Northeastern U. (NCAA) RD 12 1 3 4 2GP 1-0-1
GDB 19.0: Ignite the Battle (7pm MT, SNW)
Players Notes/Articles/Highlights –


Name (Active) Pos. GP G A PTS This week’s total
Dylan Holloway – Canada C/LW 6 1 1 1
Philip Broberg (C) – Sweden RD 4 3 3


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Amiskwaciw√Ęskahikan translates to “beaver mountain house” and the territory we all live on was a common meeting place of many indigneous nations”. – Dusty
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Thank you, as always for reading. Let me know in the comments below what player you’re watching for the most. Who has shocked you so far?

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