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Real Life Podcast Episode 258 – BOA sweep, #BeetCast love, and home tips in a cold snap

It’s a beautiful afternoon here in the Y-E-G and that means a fresh episode of the Real Life Podcast is set and ready to get you through the week. On today’s show, the guys covered the Oilers sweeping of the Flames from this past weekend, some brand new podcast reviews, Chalmers’ on the #BeetCast, and a whole lot more.

Kicking things off, the podcast got started with a look at what was a huge weekend for the Oilers after they swept the Flames this past weekend. They also looked at what those two BOA wins means for the team’s confidence, and how everyone feels to see the boys climbing up the standings as a result. Next up, Baggedmilk got everyone caught up with the latest podcast reviews as listeners of the podcast always come through with some hilarious takes as they always do. From there, the conversation turned to Saturday night’s #BeetCast after Chalmers made an appearance and completely stole the show. Needless to say, Baggedmilk did not expect the bag of tricks his co-host was going to open up on the live broadcast but he was certainly thrilled to watch it all go down. From there, Tyler read a brand new listener profile that came in from Chalmers’ sister, granting the boys yet another peek behind the scenes in the Chalmers Universe. Listener profile out of the way, the podcast took another turn with another round of home tips to make sure that your house is properly taken care of during these wild swings in temperature. Lastly, the guys wrapped up this week’s podcast with a look around the North Division and how much has changed over the last couple of weeks now that the Oilers have seemingly turned a corner.

Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:

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