Photo Credit: from twitter @glenrosefdn

Kyle Turris (virtually) visits sick kids

As we pass the one year mark of the global pandemic here in Edmonton, everyone reading this has had to adapt the way they do things. It could be a big adaptation or a minor one, but we keep trying to move forward and offer positive change in the lives of others. For kids, this has been a scary world and the pandemic can leave them feeling a little more alone. Especially in those sometimes long and challenging visits to a hospital. Enter the Edmonton Oilers, Kyle Turris.

According to the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation, Kyle Turris has been taking time out of his days (twice weekly) to give children in hospital virtual visits twice weekly in the effort to really make a connection. In that time he of course he takes and answers all kinds of questions some of them, the hard-hitting questions that every one of us here at the Nation would love to know like “what is it like to play with Connor McDavid”. To the delightfully intrinsic ones like “what’s the grossest injury you have ever had”.

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How can you not love to see a guy like Turris taking some time to make kids feel like the rock stars they truly are. Helping them get through the days, weeks and in some cases months, in the hospital with a smile and getting one step closer to a hopefully healthy future!

If you have read this and, like me, would like to help the Glenrose out. Check out their website to check out all of the efforts they are doing to help these kids.