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NHL DoPS Changes Mind: Connor McDavid receives 10-game suspension for “dangerous” hit on Jesperi Kotkaniemi

In a rare turn of events, the NHL’s Department of Player Safety has announced that it has changed its mind about Connor McDavid’s hit on Jesperi Kotkaniemi.

While McDavid was originally set to receive a $5,000 fine, the DoPS has stated that after reviewing all available information about the hit, they decided that it was necessary to throw the book at the Oilers’ captain. He will instead be charged with a 10-game suspension.

“It’s important to set an example,” the NHL’s head of Player Safety George Parros said. “Connor is an incredibly dangerous player right now.

We’ve actively ensured that everybody gets away with hacking and holding and hooking him every single game and he’s pissed about it. You can see the anger in his eyes. He’s going to do something insane and we have to get out in front of it.”

Parros went on to state that the key behind making this decision was reading all of the replies to the NHL’s DoPS Twitter account, given that replies on Twitter are the best place to receive objective information.

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“We saw quite a few good points raised on Twitter,” Parros said. “People on there generally know their stuff.

I saw one guy, some Leafs fan, saying that he hadn’t seen Connor this pissed off since Draft Lottery Night back in 2015. That spooked me out. I went back and watched the game and I could really see that he’s angry about penalties never being called on him, so it’s time to get him off the ice for a few games.”

While this is quite a setback for the Oilers, thankfully McDavid should be back for playoff time.




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