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DFO Rundown: The Oilers might be interested in trading for and re-signing Luke Glendening

There was a big edition of the DFO Rundown on Monday in which Darren Dreger and Pierre LeBrun joined Jason Gregor and Frank Seravalli to talk about all of the important headlines as we head into trade deadline day.

The sentiment generally seems to be that Ken Holland is going to have a quiet trade deadline as he doesn’t have much draft pick capital to work with and the Oilers are pressed hard up against the salary cap. But one name that keeps coming up is Luke Glendening, a familiar face for Holland from his days in Detroit…

DARREN DREGER: Kenny [Holland] is playing the role of the wiley old veteran general manager here. General managers with pieces to sell are still asking for a premium. We know the cap situation for the Oilers, if there’s a money deal, dollar in, dollar out, then that has to be considered. But I don’t think Kenny starts making legitimate calls of interest where he’s willing to make a move until the 9th, 10th, even the 11th. The only reason is, the exact reason I just said, why pay a premium? You either do next to nothing if the prices don’t come down or you get in real late and if [Luke] Glendening makes sense for a draft pick, then maybe you consider that. Or you move a piece just to make the money work. But I don’t get the sense that Kenny is going to be super active.

PIERRE LEBRUN: I agree, I think it goes back to what happened at the trade deadline last season where Holland was pretty active and gave up two second-round picks for Andreas Athanasiou and a few other draft picks [for Mike Green and Tyler Ennis]. In the moment the Oilers had a chance of finishing first in their division and there was some excitement and he wanted to add to that. But because of those draft picks that were spent a year ago, I think he’s going to be a lot more careful this time around. He only has a fourth-round pick to spend at this year’s draft unless he goes into 2022, so I think it’ll end up being a rental, bottom-six forward that adds a little depth.

FRANK SERAVALLI: It’s quickly becoming a buyer’s market. There’s a number of pieces out there where the prices have been high but we’re talking about maybe six, seven, eight teams that are really buyers at this point, so the longer you wait, the prices have to come down, otherwise these teams, like Detroit, are going to be stuck holding the bag with guys that they know they aren’t re-sgining. They’re eventually going to have to take what they can get with regards to a guy like Glendening.

I think the other part about Glendening and the Oilers is that they would potentially have interest in an extension if they were to bring him in, so he would be a guy to watch moving forward. Could they make that work on a two- or three-year deal that would justify spending those assets.

You can listen to the full episode here (Oilers talk starts at 12:30)…