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Women of Oilersnation: Megan DiBartolo-Lange

If (when) the Oilers win the Stanley Cup this season, our next Women of Oilersnation will be able to say she called it first.

You’ve probably seen Megan DiBartolo-Lange on Twitter cheering on the Oilers, talking WWE, and sharing a look into her life as a mom, student, athlete, sports fan, and more. Let’s get to know her and how she does it all!

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Last week I featured Oilers fan and Edmonton business owner Kady Hobbins! If you missed it, you can read her feature here!


Women of Oilersnation


KYLA: Who are you?! What’s your day job, what are your passions, what’s something interesting about you?

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MEGAN: Hey, I am Megan! I am a stay-at-home mom of two toddlers and I’m currently attending university as a full-time student! I hope to finish with a political science degree with future dreams of going to grad or law school. I am passionate about hockey and the Oilers! I also love women’s sports. I spend a fair bit of time focused on women’s wrestling because I love it, but ever since March Madness I’ve been interested in branching out to other women’s sports leagues for basketball, hockey and soccer.

I also have a huge passion for cinema, that I got from my grandfather. I love going to the movies! Besides being back at Roger’s Place for some Oilers hockey, I am most looking forward to sitting in a theater again after things get back to normal for a film and a bag of popcorn.

KYLA: How did you get into hockey and sports in general?

MEGAN: I got into sport like most other kids, by watching my parents. I grew up in a military family and they love to focus on and showcase sport. They have tournaments and travel the country often for it. It’s a pretty big deal! My mom is a talented volleyball player and my dad played hockey, so they were always playing and travelling around for their sports. I have spent a lot of my time in gyms and rinks spectating and their dedication and skill made me want to be just like them.

I was born in New Brunswick and there wasn’t a lot of opportunity for girls to play hockey but I always loved being in the rink and watching my dad and brother play so I really admired the sport in general. It wasn’t until I moved to Edmonton that I first saw a girl playing hockey, before that I didn’t think it was possible. But when I moved here, I was in dance and I hated it. I quickly found a love for soccer and I’ve been playing ever since.

To be honest, I wasn’t an Oilers fan when I was young—I wasn’t in Edmonton! I didn’t have much time for it with my own sports and school anyways. Ryan Smyth made me an Oiler fan, though. He reminded me of my Dad, a guy with a lot of heart and skill that would put his face in the way of a puck if he had to. I remember crying when he was dealt away and I didn’t think I would ever forgive the Oilers for it. Then we went into the decade of darkness and I found a lot of like minded, unhappy Oiler fans on Twitter to get through it with.

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Women of Oilersnation

KYLA: You’re a busy mom and student who continues to stay active and play sports (during non-Covid times, obviously). What’s the biggest benefit you get from playing sports as an adult?

MEGAN: There are so many benefits to staying active and playing sports. Especially as an adult. We talk about kids needing socialization and activity through team sport and that never goes away! Adults need that too. I have not enjoyed being away from my soccer team throughout COVID times. I am definitely missing the camaraderie and socialization that comes with seeing the girls twice a week. It’s so much more than just being active, it’s obviously a very important aspect, but I also enjoy running and I do that on my own for my activity.

So, being on a team gives me an opportunity to be around other people. But, if I’m being perfectly honest, the biggest benefit to me is that I am very competitive and it satisfies that aspect of my personality. I want to win and crush goals all of the time. Soccer and running does that for me. It makes me feel good when we win, or when I cross a finish line. It gives me a feeling that I’m more than just mom or a student. If that makes sense! If I didn’t have these outlets, I would be challenging people to random duels over random things all of the time… That would get annoying!

KYLA: What’s your best advice for other women who want to play sports as adults or be more active but are busy with careers, motherhood, school, etc.?

MEGAN: It’s not a race or a competition. It’s just for you and your own happiness. So, when looking at being active or playing a sport while being SO busy, it’s whatever you want to do or can do. You just have to start. For me, I recognized pretty early on in motherhood that I needed physical activity. So, I started running. Outside of soccer, I had never run before! But I started small, I set goals for myself and every time I crushed one, I felt a boost in my self-esteem and confidence that I could do anything. I ran a half marathon, and then another, then another… all because of this way of doing it. It doesn’t matter what it is, figure out what satisfies activity for you and make little goals! 

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(I also should say, that I recognize the privilege I hold by being able to afford sports and the time to do it, not everyone can. There are a few sports leagues in Edmonton that are affordable, like Edmonton Sport and Social Club, and you can check out a plethora of different sports through them to see what you like. Also, YouTube has SO MANY free resources for workouts that you should check out and if anyone wants to try running, message me!)

KYLA: What’s your favourite Oilers memory?

MEGAN: My favourite Oilers memory is for sure the first playoff game in 2017 against the Sharks in Roger’s Place. My husband and I went and I was pregnant with my daughter, Rosalie. I remember crying at how loud it was. My husband and I met on Oilers Twitter and they are a big part of our lives together. I remember we saved money all season just in case they made it so that we could go to all of the home games. It was really special and I hope to attend a playoff game again soon!

KYLA: What does hockey and being a part of the Oilersnation community mean to you?

MEGAN: Hockey and Oilersnation has meant the world to me, honestly. To start, I’ve made so many friends through Oilersnation, it’s truly incredible. But more than that, I have a sense of belonging through talking about hockey and loving the Oilers that I wouldn’t have otherwise. But also, this community has held me up when going through some pretty tough sh*t, and I would do the same for anyone here too. It’s the family, for me.

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Women of Oilersnation

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