The Day After Bulletin Board: Edmonton Oilers, Winnipeg Jets react to stunning game three

Welcome to the Bulletin Board where we take a look at what coaches and players said the day after a game. 

Oilers Quotables

Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl

McDavid: “Lots went wrong I guess. we were in a good spot up 4-1, they go on the powerplay, we can’t get a kill and gave them a lifeline there. They took advantage there.”

McDavid on the Archibald penalty: “I didn’t see much. Obviously, it’s a penalty, but we got a pretty good penalty kill obviously he’s part of it. We need to get a kill there, but that’s not the only part that goes wrong.”

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McDavid on if it was the most frustrating game he’s been part of: “Yeah, it’s unfortunate. We’ve dug ourselves a really big hole. We’ll take it one game at a time, that’s all we can do. We’re not going to roll over and play dead on these guys. We have to find a way to get a win.”

McDavid: “You have to find a way to make it simple, get back to your game, get your feet going again and calm everything down. Obviously, we didn’t do that.”

McDavid on the intermission heading into overtime: “Everyone was saying the right things, everyone is preparing to go out and win the game. Playoffs are full of momentum swings and we need to find a way to score a big goal, and we didn’t do that. I thought we had some good looks.”

Draisaitl: “Mistakes, maybe we panicked a little bit. It was collective and individual mistakes.”

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Draisaitl on the penalty: “I don’t know what you want me to say. we need a kill there.”

Draisaitl: “We don’t really have a choice, we have to take it one game at a time. We’re in a hole here, but we just got to find a way to claw back into it.”

Draisaitl on breaking through offensively: “Four goals in a playoff game should be enough to win the game right? That’s not an issue to score goals, we know how to do it, we’ve done it all year. It’s on the other side of the puck we need to figure it out.”

Darnell Nurse and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

Nugent-Hopkins: “There’s not a whole lot to say. We shot ourselves in the foot a little bit. We didn’t respond well enough at the end of the day. There’s no lack of trying for us, we were pushing the whole time and battled hard. It’s tough to take right now but the nice thing is we get right back out tomorrow. We still have to fight, we’re still in this thing. We can’t roll over here. We have to have a huge pushback starting tomorrow.”

Nugent-Hopkins on coming back in the series: “We know it’s been done before, we’ve won four in a row before.”

Nugent-Hopkins on the Archibald penalty: “What happened happened. Penalties happen in the game, we got to find a way to get the kill. If we don’t get the kill, we have to fight back after that and there’s eight minutes left and we’re up two. We had the opportunity there.”

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Nurse on stopping the bleeding in the 3rd: “They had a good push and we didn’t have good enough of a response. Whenever that happens, you need to get on top of that and we didn’t tonight. They ended up on the right side of the scoreboard.”

Nurse on getting ready for Monday’s game: “Go to sleep tonight, have breakfast in the morning, have a meeting, have lunch, sleep, come back and play and that’s it. There’s no point in thinking now, our backs are up against the wall.”

Dave Tippett

Tippett: “Well when you look at it, winning is hard. There’s painful lessons that you need to learn to win. We were pretty good all year, but tonight we learned some hard lessons on what not to do to win in the playoffs. Two powerplay goals were both critical mistakes by us. One penalty came after we didn’t get a puck in deep, and the Archibald penalty is just a poor penalty to take and it gave them some life. There’s parts of the game we like, and there’s parts of the game that are hard lessons to learn.”

Tippett: “I’d be worried if we don’t take the lessons we learned tonight and use them accordingly. We did enough good things in this game to win. We gave a game away. we’ll see how we respond.”

Tippett: “After the second goal, we were good on the bench. We gave up the third one, and all the talk was the right way, and it was 5:56 I think… you’re three minutes in-between goals and have a chance to regroup, then we gave up the next one before that. it’s all trouble we brought on ourselves.”

Tippett: “We did a lot of things well, but there’s certain times in the playoffs where you can turn the tide. Momentum is a huge factor in a playoff game, and the Archibald penalty was a huge turning point of the game.”

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Tippett: “It’s disappointing because we haven’t been that team all year. We’ve been pretty good at closing things out. It’s disappointing we did some of the things we did tonight.”

Tippett on moving Bear up to the top pairing: “I thought Bear was fine there. bear played a real strong game, especially in the first period he was real strong.”

Tippett: “8:30 tomorrow night we got a chance. Wuick turnaround is good for us right now.”

Tippett on the intermission heading into overtime: “I went in and I made sure we talked about exactly that: where we are, what we can do. What’s happened is we let them back in, now we should go win it. You try to get them settled down and focused for an overtime period.”

Tippett on Kassian’s game: “He was solid, very solid. He got rewarded with a goal. He was engaged in the game. We were hoping he’d give us a little boost, and he played well.”

Tippett: “In a playoff game like this, it’s really disappointing to see some of the things we did to let the game back in. Disappointing to come out of a game like that with the mistakes we made.”

Tippett: “We got to show up and play the way we did in the first period tomorrow. If we play that way, we’ll give ourselves a chance. We don’t make bad mistakes to let the other team back in it, then we got a chance to win it. simple as that.”

Winnipeg Jets

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