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Wayne Gretzky resigns as Edmonton Oilers vice chairman

Edmonton Oilers vice chairman Wayne Gretzky has stepped down from his role within the organization.

In a tweet Tuesday, Gretzky said “given the pandemic and other life changes, I realize I will not be able to dedicate the time nor effort needed to support this world-class organization.”

“The Oilers, their fans, and the city of Edmonton have meant the world to me and my family for over four decades – and that will never end,” Gretzky continued.

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Not long after, it was reported by the New York Post he would be taking on a role with TNT who recently secured NHL broadcasting rights in the United States. According to the Post, Gretzky will be the station’s lead analyst in a role that pays him roughly $3-million per year.

The Post reported that Gretzky was in discussions with ESPN, who also recently secured rights, but that TNT basketball analyst Charles Barkley helped recruit The Great One.

Gretzky, 60, re-joined the Oilers as a partner and vice-chairman of the Oilers Entertainment Group.

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