Oilersnation Radio Episode 151 – What else is Ken Holland planning?

It’s the last day before the long weekend and that means we’re back with a fresh episode of Oilersnation Radio to help get you through what’s left of your day while also make sense of everything that’s happened here in Edmonton and around the NHL. On this week’s show, we looked at the Oilers’ goaltending…


Don’t Panic on Koskinen

Don’t ask players to do more than they are capable of and then be upset when they fall short. This applies perfectly to Mikko Koskinen. Koskinen is not capable of being an every day starter for long stretches. He is best when he is the backup or when he has to split duties. Don’t ask…


For better or worse, this is now Ken Holland’s team

When we see general managers take over organizations, it usually takes a bit for them to make their mark on the club. They’re often left with a mess to clean up. Bad contracts, lack of prospects, and a team typically further away from winning than not.