A Greater Good

Remember when Kevin Lowe and Brian Burke were looking for a place to meet so they could physically punch each other out after months of verbal sparring? That was almost 15 years ago, although in some ways it seems like yesterday when Lowe and Burke, two guys who had been friends, came off the rails.


Monday Mailbag – Off-season Grades for Ken Holland

I hope everyone is having an excellent long weekend, and I don’t know if there could ever be a better way than spending a few minutes on your day off than with a bra new Mailbag! This week, we’re looking at Ken Holland’s offseason work, Tyson Barrie’s three-year deal, goaltending, and more. If you’ve got…


All About Xavier Bourgault

Here we’ve put together a collection of scouting reports and highlights regarding newly drafted forward, Xavier Bourgault. The Edmonton Oilers selected Bourgault with the 22nd overall pick after making a trade with the Minnesota Wild to move down a couple of spots from 20th overall.


Off the Top of My Head

The old saying is you only get one chance to make a first impression. From everything I saw after the Edmonton Oilers acquired former Toronto Maple Leafs’ left winger Zach Hyman when the UFA season opened Wednesday, he aced his introduction to local fans and media.