State of the Nation — Oct. 26, 2021 — We are back!

That’s right, the OilersNation State of the Nation is back!

I hopped on the mic with Woz and Nation Dan this afternoon where we talked about the Oilers hot start, some defenceman, Joey Moss and the beloved Oil Drop jerseys.

Did you know it was 20 years ago today that those jerseys dropped? God, I feel old…

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Nonetheless, the three of us and a rotating cast will be bringing these live streams back to your earholes every week. You can catch them live on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, or Facebook.

Our plan is to shift from Tuesday afternoon streams to Sunday night streams in order to give more of you a chance to listen, so make sure you tune in Sunday night at 7:30 p.m. MST for the next live stream!

Zach Laing is the Nation Network’s news director and senior columnist. He can be followed on Twitter at @zjlaing, or reached by email at [email protected]