Duncan Keith on Chicago Blackhawks Fiasco

Earlier today Duncan Keith sat at the podium and answered questions for over 13 minutes in regards to the horrific actions of former Chicago Blackhawks coach Brad Aldrich in 2010. Yesterday, Reid Schar from Jenner & Block, released his report on the Blackhawks response to allegations of sexual misconduct by Aldrich.


GDB 6.0: Make the Most of Time Off (8pm MT, SN1)

In an 82-game season, there will be times when teams focus on different things to motivate them. When the organization and head coach gives you two nights off in Vegas, the best thing the players can do is repay them with a solid performance the next game. Because it might lead to more fun nights…


Risky Business: Gritty Game Day Bets

I’m not going to lie to you fine citizens, my betting record hasn’t been too hot over the first couple of weeks but I’m starting to come around and I like my chances tonight against Philly. We be bettin’, fam! LAST GAME As you can see, my bets from game five went poorly once again,…


Game Notes: Flyers @ Oilers G6

After four days off which consisted of golfing, watching an NFL game and having two practices, the Edmonton Oilers look to extend their season-opening winning streak to six games tonight against the Philadelphia Flyers.