Women of Oilersnation: Jenna Winterburn

Jenna Winterburn’s passions include the Oilers, red wine, and dogs, and I believe we just became best friends. This gem is a radio host on Play 107 alongside past Women of Oilersnation feature, Lisa Evans and is a passionate Oilers fan—her fiance even has an Oilersnation tattoo! If you missed the last Women of Oilersnation…


Oilersnation Power Rankings: Week 4

How we doing Nation Citizens? I’m just here doing a pulse check! Please talk to me in the comments because the Edmonton Oilers are 9-1-0 and finished off another super impressive week in the NHL! Who could have predicted this start? There is so much that happened in Week 4 so let’s get to my…


Questions for Quinn: A walk down memory lane

What is your fondest memory of the Oilers? For starters, it’s Saturday night, I told the boys at Oilersnation that I’d have an article done last weekend before I went on holidays: a golf trip to the Dominican Republic. But here I am poolside slamming away on the keyboard while the crew drinks scotch and…


Off the Top of My Head

For all the years I’ve watched hockey, it’s absolutely ridiculous that when I think of the most spectacular 10 or so goals I’ve seen, most of them have been scored by Connor McDavid, who’s only 10 games into his seventh NHL season with the Edmonton Oilers. That’s about 15 minutes in old guy time.