Questions for Quinn: Review of Rogers Place

What are your favourite attributes of Rogers Place? This is an interesting one for me, because full disclosure with all its faults, I absolutely loved the Coliseum. I grew up there. In the last game played at Rexall Place I sobbed for the final minute when Mark Lewis, the PA announcer said “last minute of…


Risky Business: Let’s get Kraken!

The Oilers made their way to Seattle for the first time this season to square off against the Kraken and it got me thinking about what I’d be betting on. Things didn’t go so well for me against Pittsburgh, but as always, I will not be deterred from swinging from the shoelaces. How will I…


Game Notes Oilers @ Seattle: Winning the West

There are many steps needed to win a Stanley Cup. There are too many to list, but in simplest terms it goes like this. Step one: Get in the playoffs. Step two: Beat two divisional foes. Step three: Defeat conference foe. Step four: Defeat other conference opponent. Pretty straight forward.