German goaltenders were exceeding expectations

The level of goaltending at the World Juniors this year is high, especially when considering the first round picks Sebastian Cossa, Yaroslav Askarov and Jesper Wallstedt are all playing in the tournament. You can add Dylan Garand and Drew Commesso to that list as well, though, they are not first-round picks but high-end talents to…


GDB 30.0: Getting Back to Work (6:30pm MT, SN360)

For the first time in nearly two weeks, we’re finally back for an Edmonton Oilers game day. Were all of you as pumped to see that the matchup against the Blues was actually going to happen after having the last four games postponed as a result of COVID? Seeing as Omicron is spreading like wildfire,…


Risky Business: STL Showdown

Can you believe we’re actually allowed to talk about and bet on the Oilers again? Can you? Alright, so maybe I’m a little bit too excited to watch the boys do their thing but I’m also excited to get back to winning some sweet, sweet cash money. We be bettin’, fam! LAST GAME Despite being…


The Morning After Report: World Juniors – Day 3

Day three had a light schedule in the first place and then after the USA and Switzerland game was postponed, fans were only left with an evening matchup between Canada and Austria. After the IIHF received news that Team USA had positive COVID cases, they had no choice but to cancel their game against Switzerland….