There is plenty of blame to go around when you look at the streak of ineptitude the Edmonton Oilers have fashioned over the last 12 games as they prepare to face the Toronto Maple Leafs Wednesday. That includes pretty much everybody in the outfit from the GM on down.


Time For A Change

It is amazing how quickly things have changed for the Edmonton Oilers. After defeating the Pittsburgh Penguins on December 1st the Oilers were 16-5 and leading the NHL with the best points% at .762. They weren’t perfect, and not the best team in the NHL, but they had significantly more positives than negatives. Since December…


There’s a skilled and younger alternative to improving Edmonton’s depth, but will Dave Tippett and Ken Holland give it a chance?

“All you’ve got to do is look at the goal differential at five-on-five for the real legit teams. That’s the analytics that I look at,” responded Ken Holland, when asked about his use of analytics this prior off-season (via The Athletic). Hopefully, he’s stayed true to that statement for this season. After all, the team without…