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NHL to announce rescheduled Oilers games this week

This morning, our own Jason Gregor tweeted out that the NHL should be announcing the new dates for the Edmonton Oilers games that were postponed over the last month at some point this week. What will that look like? We shall see.

In total, the Oilers have had nine games rescheduled so far as a result of COVID running rampant throughout the NHL, and after a few weeks of uncertainty about when those matchups would be played, we’re finally closer to finding out where those games will fit on the schedule. In total, the Oilers have had nine games postponed to this point and it will be very interesting to see how compressed their schedule will look once these puzzle pieces fall into place.

As a refresher, here are the games that have been moved so far:

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Home games:

  • December 20th vs Anaheim
  • January 8th vs New York Islanders
  • January 12th vs Minnesota
  • January 14th vs Vegas
  • January 18th vs Chicago

Away games:

  • December 22nd at LA
  • December 23rd at San Jose
  • December 27th at Calgary
  • January 16th at Winnipeg

What I am most curious to find out is how these nine games will be slotted in and whether or not getting back to a regular rhythm will help the team get out of this crater-sized hole they’re in. Call me a homer all you’d like, but you have to think that having only one or two games to play over the course of a two or three-week stretch can’t be helping at all, but maybe that’s just me wearing rose-coloured glasses again. We shall see.