GDB +9.0: Entertainment Plus Execution (8:30pm MT, Sportsnet)

“Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is that not why you are here?” – Maximus Decimus Meridius. It is one of the most memorable lines from the epic film Gladiator. The NHL isn’t life or death, like being a Gladiator in the Roman Empire, but both unfold in highly emotional arenas.


Getting Nuge Going and Other Game 2 Adjustments

Leon Draisaitl is not himself right now. The injury he’s playing through is clearly hindering his ability to contribute at the level he was during the regular season and while you can’t argue with the fact he’s still making a positive impact on the game, the Oilers need some other players in their lineup to…


Risky Business: Betting on Being Better

Wednesday night didn’t go our way but we’ve got a brand new opportunity to steal a win in Calgary’s barn. We be bettin’! LAST GAME I’m happy I made money, but I’m not so happy about the result. Player Prop: Evander Kane over 3.5 shots at +100 ✅ Easy Money: First period over 1.5 goals…


Game Notes R2G2: Oilers Need a Good Start

There is only one way to go for the Edmonton Oilers: up. From the opening faceoff, the Oilers were overwhelmed by the Calgary Flames in game one. They allowed two goals in the first 51 seconds, a new Stanley Cup playoff record, they were outshot 48-28 and outscored 9-6. It was a dreadful defensive performance,…