Game Four Thoughts: It’s So Close

Just minutes after scoring the biggest goal of his career, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins sat facing the media with a permanent grin on his face. The crowd outside the Oilers Hall of Fame room was going absolutely bananas and when asked about the fans, Nugent-Hopkins said “tonight was something special”.  It certainly was, Ryan.


Dealing With Adversity Is Key to Playoff Success

Winning is all that matters in the playoffs. Many teams have played an average, or below average game, and won, while others have dominated and lost. In the regular season you can worry about trends of a team not playing well, or having a hot (or cold) power play, but in the playoffs, there is…


Don’t Forget About Nuge

As the longest serving member of the Edmonton Oilers, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins has seen bigger names than him come and go over the years. It’s been more of the same in his 11th season in Edmonton with Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl now sharing the spotlight with newcomers Evander Kane and Zach Hyman.