Nation Thoughts: Should Blake Coleman’s Goal Have Counted?

I am not sure how many of us would have predicted this but here we are. The Edmonton Oilers are in the Western Conference Finals and four wins away from returning to the Stanley Cup finals for the first time since 2006.  The dream became more realistic on Thursday night when Connor McDavid scored the…


Woodcroft Discusses BOA, Holloway and More

The Edmonton Oilers players had a day off on Friday and then had an optional skate yesterday morning. Today they are expected to have a full skate as they will prepare for their third round matchup against the Colorado Avalanche. The four days between games allowed me to speak with Oilers head coach Jay Woodcroft.


Off the Top of My Head

Six months from now I probably won’t be able to tell you the final score in Thursday’s 5-4 OT win over the Calgary Flames without looking it up, but the unmitigated joy Connor McDavid showed after scoring the goal to put the Edmonton Oilers into the Western Conference final will be burned into my memory…