Oilers potpourri: Brownlee’s brain dump

  (WARRIOR, pictured above, is consoled by his teddy after Brownlee tears a strip off of him.) I thought I’d be like the Oilers in Denver and not show up today, but there’s so many things rattling around my big, empty head…

Chris Pronger is a chicken

Short of spitting in the face of an opponent, is there any action more uncalled for and flat-out cowardly as kicking another player with your skate? I don’t think so. In the case of Anaheim Ducks defenceman Chris Pronger, then, the crime (even if the NHL has seen fit not to punish the kick he took…

For the guys who’ve been through more than most of us…

Fernando Pisani is the Edmonton Oilers 2007-08 nominee for the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy, which is awarded annually for perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey. Pisani, 31, is battling a disease called ulcerative colitis, a condition that threatened his career and forced him to miss the first 26 games this season before he returned Dec….


Who gets the deal?

  So, OilersNation fans, if you were Kevin Lowe and you could only sign Joni Pitkanen or Denis Grebeshkov—not both—to a new contract this summer, who’d get the ink and who’d get a ticket out of town?


There’s no ‘I’ in Pisani

  With everybody toting a notepad or a microphone eager to rub up against fuzzy-cheeked Sam Gagner, Andrew Cogliano and Robert Nilsson after the Edmonton Oilers pre-game skate this morning, Fernando Pisani was getting less action than a dude with a comb-over and wicked halitosis at closing time.

Rookie glory in Chi City

 (from NHL.com) The book on NHL rookies is they tend to wear down as the season goes on and the adrenaline rush of dangling in The Show and cashing pay cheques they can buy Corvettes with every two weeks subsides.


Wakey, wakey

For a team that’s historically struggled in matinees, the Edmonton Oilers probably couldn’t pick a more difficult spot to roll out of the rack and get a win than the Windy City.

Numbers game

  "Sorry, kid, No. 99 isn’t available. And don’t even ask about 11, 17, 7, 3 or 31. You’ll take this one and you’ll like it…"