Roll with it, baby

At this point in the season, nitpickers can always throw out the small sample size caveat, and that’s fair, but there’s a lot to like about the Edmonton Oilers right now after their 4-3 win over the Detroit Red Wings beyond their 8-4-1 record going into a game against the Washington Capitals Monday.


The 20-Footer

Whenever I can, I stop out at the Little Lot, a classic car place off Winterburn Road on the outskirts of town, to shoot the breeze with my pal Jeff Danyluk about old cars and hockey. I like to think that I know a lot about both, and he likes to pick my brain about…


At Random: Eleven

The way I see it, the best thing about the Edmonton Oilers wrapping up the October portion of their schedule with a better record, 6-4-1, than anybody expected is that there’s still plenty of room for improvement in the 71 games that remain.


The C-Word

Confidence isn’t a commodity you can put your finger on. You can’t measure it. You can’t run it on a spreadsheet, if that’s your thing, like you can with numbers. Yet, when teams are playing as well as the Edmonton Oilers are right now, it comes up often. Two games into the season, we were…


Jesse: The Long Game

The NHL isn’t a developmental league. That’s why, unless the current state of his tenure with the Edmonton Oilers changes drastically in a big hurry, Jesse Puljujarvi is better off playing in the AHL with the Bakersfield Condors instead of spinning his wheels here. Speaking of that, Puljujarvi will be a healthy scratch against the…


From Sid to Connor

Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins spent 10 years or so as the best player in the NHL. After grabbing that torch from Sid the Kid a couple years back, Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers is well on his way to a similar run. Tuesday at Rogers Place, we get to see both of…


The Way I See It…

Connor McDavid’s comments after he dragged the Edmonton Oilers to the finish line with four points on a record-setting night in a 5-4 overtime win against the Winnipeg Jets Tuesday say a lot about him. What he said also reminded me what a woeful job the Oilers have done surrounding the best player on the…


The Way I See It…

As goofy as it seems to characterize the third game of an 82-game season a must-win game, that was very much the situation for the Edmonton Oilers in Saturday’s matinee at Madison Square Garden against the New York Rangers. The two points from a 2-1 decision obviously matter, but just getting a taste of success…


At Random: Not Just One Game

Like many of you, I wanted to open a window after the Edmonton Oilers stunk out the joint in what only be called a flat, uninspiring 5-2 loss to the New Jersey Devils in Sweden to open the season on Saturday. The fall-out from that hapless effort was predictable on both ends of the spectrum.


We Know Better

Tom Wilson of the Washington Capitals is a good player, so I hope he gets the message the NHL sent him Wednesday when he was handed a 20-game suspension – this time for a headshot on Oskar Sundqvist of the St. Louis Blues. If Wilson somehow doesn’t get the message and re-offends, the game will…


The Way I See It: Fearless Predictions

A year ago at this time. I picked the Edmonton Oilers and Pittsburgh Penguins to meet in the Stanley Cup final, Todd McLellan to win the Jack Adams Award as top coach and the Vegas Golden Knights to be dead-last in the Western Conference. Other than that, I was pretty much bang-on. Actually, no.


At Random: Family Matters

Leon Draisaitl is a pretty big deal as a member of the Edmonton Oilers, second only to Connor McDavid on the marquee here, but he’s flat-out getting the rock star treatment at home in Germany, where the Oilers will play the Cologne Sharks Wednesday. That’s been one of the obvious stories coming out since the…