Replacing Todd McLellan: NHL options

Though opinions are pretty split on the amount of responsible the Oilers head coach should take for yet another lost season in Edmonton, it’s clear that Todd McLellan could very well find himself (rightly or wrongly) out of a job in a few short weeks.


Who’s up next? Part 1 – Blueliners

We absolutely love Cam Talbot’s optimism when he says the Oilers are going to make the playoffs. But, unfortunately, the rest of us have to trudge through something called ‘the real world’ on a day-to-day basis, and in that dreary, dark place, there will likely be no postseason dance in Edmonton this spring.


Contract Conundrums: Part 2 – Deadline value

Last week we took a downright depressing dive into a few of the contracts that could hold the Oilers hostage as they try to reconfigure the roster heading into the off-season. This week’s piece is slightly less bleak, I promise.


Contract Conundrums: Part 1 – The Unmoveables

With the season all but lost and all eyes refocused to 2018-19, the responsibility of reshaping this Oilers team into a playoff contender rests in the hands of the much-maligned general manager Peter Chiarelli. Good ol’ Chia (for however many days he has left at the helm) is going to have his hands full in…


Five not-so-serious Christmas gifts for the Oilers

‘Tis the season for forced family time, outdoor hockey with your garbage friends, sugar and sodium-filled delicacies, booze and, of course, gifts. Being the exceptional group of investigative journalists that we are at Oilers Nation, our team of reporters (aka me) was able to bribe its way to get a sneak peek at what Santa,…


A hindsight look at Peter Chiarelli’s gruesome trading record

The Edmonton Oilers have trudged through quite a strange and unpredictable couple of seasons since much-maligned Peter Chiarelli has taken the reins as the team’s general manager. From drafting Connor McDavid and acquiring Cam Talbot, to flipping Taylor Hall and handing out a disgusting contract to Milan Lucic, Chiarelli’s performance during his time in Edmonton…


Is Cam Talbot elite, obsolete, or somewhere in between?

The case of Cam Talbot is a curious one. As Oilers fan and those across the NHL, in general, try to pinpoint what exactly has gone wrong with the Oilers — secondary scoring, special teams, defensive play, coaching decisions and team structure and make up among the issues commonly debated — there’s been (slightly) less…