“I think he’s gotten even faster” – Nuge on McDavid

We’ve talked about this endlessly but I just can’t stop thinking about it. Connor McDavid is already the best player on the universe. He’s said time and time again that he wants to become an even BETTER player and you always end up snickering to yourself because you think: “how can the best player we’ve…


76% of fans will think the Oilers will improve this season

The vibe I’m getting around Oilers fans this September is cautiously optimistic. We’re not gulping the hype juice as we have usually done, but I think people are feeling fairly positive with more appropriate expectations this year. We’ve got some stats to back that statement up this time, as the NHL polled a bunch of…


Nation Donair Tour – Best Donair

This week we decided to tackle Best Donair in Jasper Gates Plaza! The Squire had stumbled upon the donair shop once upon a time after a hockey game in Crestwood Arena, and after seeing a bunch of people recommending it online we thought it would be a great stop to make.


Ostap Safin injured for rookie camp

The Oilers VP of Player Development, Scott Howson, spoke to the media earlier today on the first day of rookie camp. He spoke about some of the up-and-coming rookies and what they have to offer in camp, as well as a couple injuries that are affecting the group. 


Oilersnation Open Recap

Last Thursday we had the pleasure of hosting our second Annual Oilersnation Golf Tournament at the Cougar Creek Golf Resort. We tried to up our game from the Inaugural tournament last year, and I think we did. Overall we ended up raising a ton of money for the Jason Gregor Foundation, and everyone had a…


Nation Donair Tour – Simon King

Another week, another donair tour stop! This week we were joined by Global news anchor, Carole-Anne Devaney. She loves to eat donairs, but claims not to be an expert in them. She’s never had a donair before 2AM before and couldn’t be more excited to dive into a Simon King donair recommended by one of…


Looking for a smile today? Here are some Nuge highlights

As I stated in my Connor McDavid highlight article, August has been a slow month filled with smoky weather and a lack of Oilers news. The anticipation with the season being around the corner is too much to handle at times, so I wanted to help out by reminding everybody how cool Ryan Nugent Hopkins…