GDB Wrap up -7.0: STREAKING

That was so much fun last night in Calgary, why not gather round and break down another Oilers outing, this time against the Vancouver Canucks?



Hockey is back. Sure, it’s the preseason, but it’s back nonetheless. Tonight’s opponents, the Flames, are mostly over in China playing the Bruins and dressing up for a great wall visit.


Nation Donair Tour – Jumbo Donair

Coming off a good old running donair in last week’s review of Best Donair in West Edmonton, the boys rang up Lisa Evans and Ryder of “Hot Mornings with Ryder and Lisa” fame. They were excited and wanted to try out a new stop for them and us with Jumbo Donair in Millwoods.


Jesse Puljujarvi and Pizza Problems

Over the weekend, a video surfaced from the great country of Finland. Filmed last year, the makes of said video spoke to our boy Jesse Puljujarvi about a multitude of topics including his yearning to be in the NHL and not Bakersfield, who his dream linemates would be, and the confusing pizza moment that he’s…


Saturday (Sunday) Sunshine: The boys are back in town

The weather is cooling off but the sunshine can’t stop. Today’s sunshine is arguably top three brightness of all the Saturday (Sunday) Sunshine we have brought you this summer. So, allow me to suggest you recline and relax, slip on the Burt Bacharach theme song and let us all lounge in the glory that is…


Connor McDavid is the best player in NHL 19

The moment that all NHL fans have been waiting for finally arrived. EA Sports released the Top 10 rated players from this year’s iteration of the best (only) hockey video game franchise out there.


Saturday (Sunday) Sunshine: The German Goodness

It’s Sunday, not Saturday and the sunshine is still shining brightly through those smokey clouds. Last week we were treated to a little defensive sunshine boy, and this week we will hop back up to the front lines. Let us pop on that old familiar jam from Burt and sit back, kick up those heels because…


Saturday Sunshine: Swedish Stalwart

The Sunshine of positivity shining so bright even the smoke from BC fires can’t stop it from shining. Last week the focus was on the home that Strome built. this week we are going to bask in the positivity that is the first part of the solidification of our defensive corps. So hit play on…


Saturday Sunshine: Strome is where the heart is

The sunshine of positivity may have been too bright this week in Edmonton as we saw the mercury rise to the 40C mark just yesterday. Grab your sunscreen and hit play on that sultry summer song from Burt Bacharach and let us bask in the sunshine that is Ryan Strome.


Saturday Sunshine: The Nuge

The Saturday Sunshine has been bright and shining every week of the summer for almost two months. The tough season behind us has us looking forward to the reasons to be positive every week leading into the season. This week is no different with a baby we have watched grow up before our very eyes….


Evan Bouchard PP Highlights

Perusing the interwebs as we do in the dogs days of summer I came upon a short video of the Edmonton Oilers newest blue chipper Evan Bouchard. The footage is something to behold.


Saturday Sunshine: Pizza Pool Party

The sunshine of positivity is shining so bright Edmonton can barely handle it. Last week’s sunshine had us basking in a rookie who has the RD looking oh so bright going forward. This week we take a look at the Oilers RW options, and that crowd favourite pizza eating, tongue loving man. So sit back, slide…