Saturday Sunshine: Con-Air Flight

It’s been a fun time venturing through the Saturday Sunshine article series with you. This new idea to try and bring a little positivity to the pages of Oilersnation has been exciting but I feel as though, to this point, we’ve been ignoring the brightest sunshine of all. So let us sit back, enjoy the…


Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers rookie jersey up for auction

Oilersnation, if ever there was a time to come together and pool all our collective monies into one giant pot, today is that day. One of Wayne Gretzky’s rookie season (1979-80) jerseys is up for auction on a sports memorabilia auction site with the expected sale price is $400,000 US dollars.


Saturday Sunshine: Tea leaf Rieder

Today’s Saturday Sunshine is about one of the new additions to the team. He gives us plenty of hope and excitement for being a “utility knife” type of player with boatloads of speed to burn. So, let us turn on that smooth listening Burt Bacharach theme song, and sit back and enjoy Tobias Rieder.


One year ago: Connor commits to Edmonton for 8 years

In the continuation of the trend of killing Toronto’s hopes of Toronto-area born players coming home as soon as they can (a trend they finally bucked this year when they signed John Tavares) on this day back in 2017, Connor McDavid signed an eight-year, $100 million dollar extension with the Oilers.


Report: Jesse Puljujarvi could be on a short leash

I was listening to Oilers Now yesterday and I caught an interesting tidbit from Bob before the show got really rolling. “Well it’s simple for Puljujarvi. If he doesn’t gain some traction at some point, he may be finding himself having a new address. Because I think the Oilers are going to have to make…


Recapping the Edmonton Oilers summer of 2017

As free agent frenzy picks up today at 10 am MST, we take a moment to look back at the players the Oilers lost/let go as well as added in and around last year’s free agency dates. We will recap how 2017-18 went for each of these for their respective teams.


Saturday Sunshine: That Ty Guy

With all the draft news last week, the sunshine was bumped to Sunday, but thank you to all those who made it our most read content on Sunday! No doubt that the brightness that is Kailer Yamamoto had everyone checking-in. This week’s sunshine only had a chance to shine with the big club for a…


Chiarelli not going “Big Game Hunting”

Reid Wilkins of 630 Ched just posted a 45-second audio clip from the Edmonton Oilers GM, Peter Chiarelli where PC openly admits that if there are any big name free agents to be brought in for the Oilers, trades would have to follow.


Oilers History: The Edmonton Oilers draft Connor McDavid

It’s a very good day in Edmonton. The sky is grey, the temperature is cooling down, and the hockey season is one more day closer with players reporting to development camp yesterday for their first skates. No, this isn’t a post to commemorate the moment we sent two draft picks to New York for future…


Saturday (Sunday) Sunshine: Kailer Instincts

Bumped this week because of the draft, but the sun always shines with Saturday Sunshine even on Sunday. In last week’s inaugural Saturday Sunshine, we looked at the young NHLer going into his second year as a full-time Oiler, JJ Khaira. The arrows all point up with him. The exact same thing could be said…