WWYDW: What Are We Cheering For?

Well Nation it’s that time of year again. The Oilers were all but mathematically eliminated from the playoffs by November, complete apathy had set in well before Christmas, and we’re scratching days into the wall of our cell as we countdown to another draft lottery. And just like we have for the past 5 seasons we’ve…


First Star, Worst Star: December 28, 2014

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, ate your weight in delicious food and spent way too much time arguing with your relatives about your opposing political viewpoints. You know, the TRUE meaning of the holidays! 


Oilers Christmas Carol Contest

It’s that time of year everybody! Time to max out your credit cards, flirt dangerously close with alcohol poisoning, and of course, sing Oilers related Christmas carols! We put out a call to all our Facebook friends to come up with their best Oilers themed carols and here are your top 5! Vote in the polls…

The Schultz Conundrum

Through various ways and means JSBM were able to secure EXCLUSIVE footage from inside the Edmonton Oilers war room. 


First Star, Worst Star: November 30, 2014

It’s Sunday, it’s colder than something that is, like, INCREDIBLY cold outside, and you can’t watch football ALL day, so why not hunker down in your favorite footy pyjamas and take a gander at this week’s First Star, Worst Star!

The Jeanshorts Rises

Well, it was a long and arduous journey. And it’s only gotten longer and arduouser as the season has rolled along…