Kris Russell: Another Perspective

Fellow Oilersnation writer Jason Gregor wrote a piece on Kris Russell that really highlighted the positives behind Kris Russell’s play this season. As we’ve never seen eye to eye on the job Russell has done here as an Oiler, I thought it might be interesting to do a response piece. Sort of another perspective touching…


Cody Ceci???

I’m pretty critical of people in positions of power. Sometimes I’m accused of being too critical, perhaps even a touch negative when it comes to the Oilers, a team that appears poised to miss the playoffs for the 11th time in 12 years. So often before I write these things I sit back and think…


Is Karlsson Available?

So the Hockey Night in Canada panel had a conversation about one Erik Karlsson that probably has 30 teams dreaming and one locked in total dread. As per Elliotte Friedman, there is a strong possibility that the Ottawa Senators have already requested the list of teams that Karlsson will not go to in a trade…


Oh, Hi Todd

It’s not every day that an NHL coach subtweets you in real life. I’ve been told that I live rent-free in a lot of people’s heads, but I figured these guys had thicker skin.


Trading Maroon?

In his latest instalment of 31 Thoughts, Elliotte Friedman suggested that while RNH was the sexy name in Oiler rumours, perhaps the more realistic name is Pat Maroon. Well, he’s right.


After One Quarter: Has Chiarelli Blown This Season?

The Oilers have played a quarter of their games this season and the results have been disastrous. The team finds themselves in 29th place and ahead of only the Arizona Coyotes in the Western Conference. This team needs a fundamental change of results in order to challenge for a playoff spot.


Trading Good Process for Shooting Talent

With the Oilers making an actual trade there will be lots of focus on the players as they leave and enter Edmonton. Surely there will be many different perspectives on both Jussi Jokinen and Mike Cammalleri as well as why they were traded for each other. To me, it comes down to the Oilers desperately…


Deserve’s got nothing to do with it

I have a lot of time for Kailer Yamamoto. He earned the right to play for the Oilers in October with his performance in September. After training camp, he was no worse than the second best right winger for the Oilers. Today, that may still be the case but the best thing for Edmonton is…


Report: Oilers Unhappy With Strome Deal

Sometimes you’re just sitting there, watching Hockey Night in Canada — minding your own business — and someone says something that makes you think, “Well what were you expecting?” It happened to me when Nick Kypreos said that the Oilers were already disappointed with the Eberle/Strome trade and were thinking about moving Ryan Strome already.


Calm Down Already

Alright, things aren’t good right now. I think it’s fair to say this start is concerning to everyone, even the really optimistic people. That said, we can afford to acknowledge the issues without scrambling for the ejector seat button. There are reasons to believe the team will push through this skid.


Kassian is…the best?

We are three games into this season and the never ending tryout on the right side of the forward lines is still happening. Time to panic? Debatable. Time to evaluate the life choices that brought us here? Definitely.


Early October Air

If there is a more hopeful time than just before the season starts then I have surely not experienced it. Everything is possible and pure in early October. The dreams of children and grown men are restored once again. Only the ice is fresher than faces of the rookies wearing sweaters that hang off them…