The Internet Trades Hall

View image | gettyimages.com Taylor Hall is currently being traded…by everyone with an internet connection who does not cheer for the Edmonton Oilers. Today I decided to share a few of my favorites because we should all share in a few laughs.


A Little Magic

#460129976 / gettyimages.com Despite taking another loss in regulation there was at least one positive to come from that game against the Sharks: the Oilers might have found their 2nd line for the foreseeable future.


We Have A Philosophy

I have spent the last couple of days trying to parse as much info as I possibly could from the MacT press conference and the subsequent follow up done one on one for the Oilers website. There were so many things that were said but almost none of it piqued my interest until MacTavish started…


Oilers Power Play By The Numbers

The Oilers are a team much improved by number in their 5v5 play. They are still the Oilers though and that means mind boggling blunder after mind boggling blunder, but they are getting better at keeping shots and shot attempts even at least. But what about that Power Play? It is ranked near the bottom…


Would You Do It Again?

One of the big off-season moves that MacTavish made this year was moving out Sam Gagner in exchange for Teddy Purcell. After years of waiting for him to take the next step in his development it never came. The team felt it was time to move on, and maybe he did a little too. But here we are…

Picked 1st, Used Last

#146700555 / gettyimages.com Being selected 1st Overall in the NHL Entry Draft is a major accomplishment and an acknowledgement of the potential that those few who have been taken 1st have within them. It’s actually pretty rare that there isn’t consensus on who the 1st pick should be. These players dominated in their eligible years…