It Wasn’t The Plan

The reality is that I didn’t think it would be this way either. Even more so after the Young Stars tournament, I thought “It’s just not his year.” However, after the quality of linemates improved (drastically) and the structure of a professional environment kicked in, he really started to shine. Kailer Yamamoto looks like a…


Heavy Expectations for Edmonton’s Newest Project

We find ourselves standing directly in front of the 2017-2018 Oiler season. Coming off the heels of a second round exit, some individual awards for the Captain, and another year of development for what was still a relatively young team, the expectations are high. And that’s understandable. Except when it isn’t.


Call Them Again

Hockey season is upon us and once again we are reminded that we live in a world where Connor McDavid is an Edmonton Oiler. Coming off his first full season in which he won the Art Ross and the Hart trophies as well as a playoffs where he was not as offensively proficient as he…


Some Quick Comparables For Russell Post-Thirty

I’ve had a nice quiet summer. I got to do a little travelling around Europe and spent many weekend days cooking large pieces of meat with fire. Everything was wonderful and then my good friend Baggedmilk decides to remind me that Kris Russell is probably going to be the Oilers’ number 3 defender until Christmas…


The Dream

Malkin and Crosby. That’s the dream, is it not? That’s the kind of one-two punch the Oilers want to have with McDavid and Draisaitl. All 31 teams in the league dream of having two top centres to build a team around. It is a matchup destroyer in a league as big as the NHL where…


But for Five Years She Was so Nice

The great George Thorogood once told a tale of a man down on his luck. The tale had been told before. This man lost his job. When his landlord discovered of his woes she promised not to judge him so long as the rent was paid. The rent was missed just once after five years…


Signing Kris Russell Would Be A Horrible Mistake

I’m coming out of my semi-retirement on blogs about Kris Russell to talk about the potential of re-signing this boat anchor to a debilitating four-year deal at $4 million annually. Click the link to learn more, but it’s such an awful idea that you should intuitively know that it’s bad.


Driving Through a Patch of Ice

There are three things that I took away from Peter Chiarelli’s year-end press conference: 1) He acknowledges that the Oilers’ window is open right now. 2) He recognizes that the Oilers defence is not at the level of the clubs competing in the Western Conference Final. 3) Andrej Sekera is injured and will miss potentially half…


The Inescapable Conclusion

There will be plenty of time to look back at this profoundly joyous season. We’ll do that later when we have time. We’ll break down trades and signings as they happen. There will be a time to examine what went wrong in the playoffs in the coming days and weeks. This article isn’t about any…


Do I Feel Bad?

We won and they whined. We actually didn’t win, but still benefitted, and they whined. We won a 2nd time and the whining reached peak level. The Oilers picked 1st in the draft for three years in a row against all odds and the other teams cried foul. Rules were changed. We told them it…


Larsson Plays The Hero

He was wearing number six in Oiler silks, but the player was almost unrecognizable. The name bar said Larsson, but the playing style said something else. And boy, was his game last night something else.


Blaming The Refs

Blaming the referees is a crutch. We all do it because referees are generally worthy of our abuse (at the professional level) and we need a reason to vent. They make bad calls all the time. They miss obvious ones all the time. Generally, though, things tend to even out in the end. Well…most the…