Could Auvitu play forward?

It’s about to get real crowded on the Oilers blueline once Andrej Sekera and Adam Larsson return from the injured reserve. Captain obvious here: we really need those two guys on the ice, but what happens with the others? Well, the two names at the top of the list of Oilers defencemen on the outs…


It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas for Todd

There’s so much for Todd McLellan to be happy about. He gets to coach Connor freaking McDavid, he has the keys in his hands to what is supposed to be one of the most exciting franchises in the NHL, a young team, a new barn, and a passionate fan base. Yet, just like Charlie Brown,…


Round two Davy

When the rules for the Vegas Golden Knights expansion draft were announced last year a lot of people had pencilled Brandon Davidson as the Oiler that would most likely be claimed if left exposed. Fearing that they would lose him for nothing the Oilers moved him at the trade deadline for an array of reasons. Today…


Darnell Nurse is coming into his own

In a season that has seen many Oilers regress from the last, there is one guy who has taken a giant step forward — Darnell Nurse. The man they call Darryl has stepped up to the plate after some fans and media alike were questioning whether or not he could make the jump to become…


Ziyat Paigin heads back to Mother Russia

Earlier this week, the Oilers released disappointing news that one of their top prospects, Ziyat Paigin, would be heading back to Mother Russia. It was surprising considering how excited Paigin was to come to North America and crack the Oilers roster just this past summer. At the time, the 7th round selection from 2015 seemed to…


Making Coco: The Grant Fuhr Story

Producer Adam Scorgie’s hockey documentary Ice Guardians found great success in 2016. The film explored the journey that enforcers travel on their way to the NHL and why these warriors take on hockey’s toughest role. Adam’s next hockey film tells the story of one of the greatest goalies to ever stand between the pipes — Grant ‘Coco’ Fuhr.


Peel yourself off the roof

It was bound to happen. The Oilers were going to get a game where all the bounces were going to go their way. Last night was that game against the Las Vegas Golden Knights when they ran up the scoreboard putting up eight goals. I’ll admit that I didn’t jump out of my seat after the…


Weekend Recap: A few oil drops absorbed this weekend

This season has been a lot of learning for the Oilers, every game they play the team and fans learn more about the team. While it was a long weekend it wasn’t for the Oilers as they played their first back to back games of the season. This provided us plenty of opportunities to soak…


The boys of overtime

The Oilers came out with a bang opening the season with a shutout over the Flames, but then things started to go sideways. After a flat 3-2 loss to the Canucks, they started getting pummeled by teams, so much so that the Oilers disastrous PR tag “Here come the Oilers” was slowly making a comeback for sarcastic…


Connor was scoring, but it didn’t feel like it

Connor McDavid is on pace to have the same point total as last season, give or take a few, but it sure hasn’t felt like it. I thought that I was the only person who felt like this until @ElNatetweets put out a tweet stating that he felt the same way. So, what gives?


The tale of two Ryans

Entering training camp this season, every media personality was pumping up Ryan Strome coming to the Oilers organization, while on the flip side Ryan Nugent-Hopkins’ value was questioned. Funny how things change: a couple of months later we’re sitting here panicking about Strome and praising Nuge for his play thus far.


Oilers look to tame the bulls

The Oilers head out east on their rodeo road trip — I guess it will now be called the bull rider road trip? While you can debate the new nickname for the road trip one thing is for sure, the season so far has been as troublesome as trying to master riding an angry bull. The team and…