The Weekend Report

In the NHL, the summer content cycle is very slow. News trickles in slowly on most days, but the weekends are where the fun is at. This weekend saw the KHL trying to one-up the NHL, Talbot score some chairs and chirps from fans, and Connor was making Dwight Schrute look bad.


City of Champions again tonight?

I know people have tickets to Metallica. I know the Oilers fan base is spread across the world. I doubly, triply know this is baseball, and that this is a hockey blog. To those people, I apologize. You’re missing out tonight. Tonight another City of Champions team is playing in a Championship game. Starting tonight at…


The Weekend Report

It’s not the weekend anymore, Dan. Gahhddd. I know, but in case you were tired of having your face melted off with the awfulness that was this weekend away from sports, here is what you may have missed.


Remembering Semenko

Today I ventured to Rogers Place for the first time since Game 4 of the playoffs. This time was for a far less joyous occasion, the celebration of David John Semenko. I must say that the Oilers did a beautiful job of putting on this event. Around the west half of the arena sat about…


Pay the Man

Connor McDavid was one of the main reasons the Edmonton Oilers were a held pad away from the Western Conference Finals against Nashville last season. Were his stats all worldly in the extra season? No. That said, would the Oilers have made the dance without #97? HELLS BELLS TO THE NO.


The History of the Oilers’ Jerseys

Hola, OilersNation! I am your newest voice of chaos in an otherwise reasonable world. On the eve of Connor’s triumphant night in Las Vegas — his first of what should be many (sorry, Golden Knights fans) — I look forward to Friday night and the OilersNation Draft Party presented by WEM. With our 22nd overall…